Renovations and Home design in Florence

Our company, specialized in renovations in Florence, offers highly customized and artisan service and design; we study and create completely customized interiors, based on our clientele’s desires and ambitions, in order to ALWAYS be able to please our customers, even the most demanding ones.

In particular, it’s thanks to all our specialized team members if we are able to properly complete each and every renovation on schedule, as planned during the design phase, leaving nothing to chance.

Each project is managed meticulously, in respect of the agreed delivery times and with great attention to the choice of materials to use.

Whether it is a private residence or a commercial business, our team is able to turn all spaces into ambitious environments up to every customer’s desires.


Our method

1 - Free survey and home design quotation

The first meeting with customers is through the first free visit at their property, during which the goal is to know them, their needs and their preliminary project ideas, as well as immediately verify the technical feasibility, the schedule and the expenditure ceiling that needs to be respected during the design phase. With all this information, our team will create a preliminary project, a quotation of costs based on our client’s budget, and an analysis about the specific licenses needed to carry out the renovation.

2 - Final design with one single contact person

Once the preliminary concept is confirmed, we proceed with the elaboration of a final project including architecture, engineering and systems, followed by an updated bill of quantities. In parallel, the materials, the finishes, the products, the doors and the windows needed to perform the work will be chosen. One of our architects will be your only contact person and will accompany you throughout the entire process, until the conclusion of the renovation.

3 - Executive phase - Construction and administrative paperwork

Once the construction executive projects are ready, the first step to start the renovation is done by our architect, who submits the administrative paperwork to the municipality and, contextually, produces all the documents regarding safety. The second step is the building site preparation, right before the arrival of the construction crew involved in the executive process.

4 - Construction management

The construction site will consistently be followed by our architect, who – besides being our customer’s only contact person – is the director who guarantees the correct implementation of the constructions agreed on the procurement contract, and offers their essential problem-solving skills during the building phase.

5 - Completion of the construction: property delivery

Once the renovation is completed, we proceed with the overall testing of the works and release certifications for the systems.