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Leading company in the Florentine field of turnkey renovation, and architecture firm

Gruppo Zenith – leading company in the Florentine field of turnkey renovation, and architecture firm established in 1984 – boasts a consolidated team of workers and artisans who take care of over 100 construction sites every year, with the utmost attention for clients in terms of deadlines and costs. Thanks to the cooperation with architects and engineers with multidisciplinary skills, we are sure that our approach to interior design and architecture will make your spaces unique. The architect will be the fundamental person in charge of following you step by step until the end of the renovation.





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Architectural Design

From the design and through the exchange of ideas with our architect, the entire creative process that will bring our clients to see their idea of home materialised takes shape. The architect, by putting together know-how and creativity, will be able to guide them towards the most appropriate solutions, both from an aesthetic and a functional point of view.

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Submission of building paperwork

As architecture firm in Florence – thanks to our team’s architects – we take care of the realization of feasibility studies, the submission of the paperwork needed to start the constructions, the production of the safety coordination plan, as well as the transmission of cadastral documents, energy certifications and certificates of habitability.

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Interior and exterior, total or partial renovations

Thanks to our specialized workforce, we are able to offer all types of interior and exterior renovations – ranging from residential buildings to stores, offices and accommodation facilities.

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New construction

Thanks to our multi-year field experience, Gruppo Zenith can assist you along every step of the new construction implementation.

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Both in building renovations and in new constructions, we are able to ensure the design and implementation of all types of systems – from the simplest to the most complex – including their certificates of conformity.

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Interior Design & Restyling

Our architect’s goal is to pay special attention to the practical and functional aspects of the built space, starting from the real situation and adapting it to our clientele’s needs and desires.

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Real estate consultancy

Our real estate consultancy service is intended to the private and business segments for a preliminary assessment of economic and urban feasibility in the context of wider range real estate investments.




Our creative and work process

Our team offers highly customized and artisan service and design: we study and create completely customized interiors, based on our clientele’s desires and ambitions, in order to ALWAYS be able to please our customers, even the most demanding ones.