New construction

Thanks to its multi-year field experience, Gruppo Zenith can assist you along every step of the new construction implementation. Regardless of the typology of building, we are able to provide the necessary technical support, follow all the implementation phases and submit all the needed documents, with an eye to the technological and energetic innovation of those materials and systems that protect the environment.

Gruppo Zenith is an historical reality, a team of professionals who, thanks to the utmost reliability and experience collected over the years, will present customized projects for every new construction, in order to meet customers’ needs – ranging from masonry houses to wooden houses, apartments or entire buildings.

Together with our customers, we are able to build their freedom, because purchasing a house means being free. Also, thanks to the 3D technology, we are able to propose – and never impose – our ideas to clients, and cooperate with them to achieve the desired result.