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Interior design architect

Our team was born thanks to the passion and creativity of a group of professionals who, united by cross-skills, have a common goal: supporting their customers and making their dream come true. A versatile and multifunctional group that – thanks to the different educational paths and experiences of its members – analyses every single customer’s needs in a specific way, in order to always guarantee customized – and never standardized – results. We have worked in the field of architecture for many years, and in each of our projects we apply a constant and careful pursuit of quality, design and innovation.


Our philosophy

We work with three things: spaces, light (especially during the day, but also at night), and architecture; then there is the light as a design, as an instrument of architectural precision, and the light as an integrated functional fact – as in museums, where it is part of the design, not just a desire, but a necessity.

Cit. Gae Aulenti


Our story

Gruppo Zenith was founded in 1984 as a family-run business. At that time, while the demand was high, the construction market was not able to offer high-quality solutions and skills. To fill this market gap, which was potentially full of opportunities for growth, a group of highly qualified technicians and workers was immediately reunited to give concrete answers and fulfill even the most demanding customer’s desires, always by offering a complete 360-degree service.

We believe that, in a historic moment where businesses quickly are born and die within few years, our best calling card is our company’s longevity.

On the private and public building market for 40 years, expanded and transformed from generation to generation, Gruppo Zenith has always evolved and been in step with market innovations.

Over the years, many professionals – as the interior design architect – have joined the company, adding value to the team and increasing its functionality on the field of action.




What they say about us

Great family-run business. We turned to them through some friends of us. They have worked in this field for many years, which is why we relied on them for a few works in our house. Both me and my wife were very satisfied with their job. I strongly recommend them!
Antonio R.
We turned to this renovation company on the advice of a friend who had had his house renovated by them. In the field for many years, this family-run company takes care of constructions, renovations and systems. Pretty much a turnkey service. Their architect also gave me technical support with paperwork. Their turnkey works were completed as per quotation. Nothing to say. I will recommend them to other friends.
Antonio I.
Following my architect’s recommendation, I got in contact with this company for our renovation. We are very satisfied with their job, their compliance with deadlines, and their attention to details. Nothing to complain about their prices. Thanks again.
Antonietta D.
Great service, we were very pleased with the professionalism of this company, that has been in this field for ages! Highly recommended.
Chiara C.
We had a great time with you! I recommend them for their professionalism and for meeting all the deadlines. Thank you again!!!
Elena R.